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"Innovative Thinking
& Sharp Technology
in Rug & Carpet Cleaning"
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  Cleaning quality, speed, care for the rug/carpet  
DK KATSAS machinery is manufactured with specially selected components that resist corrosion. Their design guarantees deep rug/carpet cleaning, without damaging the rug/carpet or diluting its colours. The main characteristics of the machinery are their high-tech design, their user-friendly operation and their speed in production, characteristics that constitute to the expansion of the business that uses them.
Economical Rug/Carpet Cleaning
Ecological Rug/Carpet Cleaning
Gentle Rug/Carpet Cleaning


Our Solutions to Rug/Carpet Cleaning
  Prewash, Washing
& Centrifuge/Wringer
  Washing "Dias II" &
  rug/carpet cleaning machinery   rug/carpet cleaning machinery   rug/carpet cleaning machinery  
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